For the Courageous Woman Who Dares to Love Deeply

"You're About to Experience A Miraculous 30-Day Journey
to Deep Soul Connection,
Heart-Opening Joy, And
Breathless Romance

Dearest Beautiful Woman,

     I believe YOU DESERVE to have all the endless romance, love and joy you dream of.  But, I must warn you.  Be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it all at once... starting just minutes from now.

     With your permission, I'm about to take you on a journey that will have you feeling love, intimacy and romance in your body in whole new way -- and when that happens, there might be no turning back for you. 

     Even if you think your situation is hopeless, prepare yourself for waves of joy that leave you dreamy-eyed and breathless.

     As you read these words, women just like you are enjoying miraculous breakthroughs in their love lives and sex lives in just a few short days (and in some cases almost immediately) after downloading the Bonus Videos and Audios I'm about to give you right now - for free, if you'll let me

     "You're about to be FEELING the kind of love and intimacy most women only dream of..."

     I can't make any promises, but if your 30-day journey is anything like Juliet's, you should be ready for some earth-rumbling surprises...

Here is what happened for me when I took part in Michael's 'Open His Heart' (Bonus) program:

     My partner was so deeply touched by a simple loving action that I took for him and for our relationship, that he was almost in tears and lost for words.  He has never felt so accepted, so loved and so seen by any other woman in his entire life, and I offered him that gift that no one else ever had.

     The barriers between me and the man I love have been dissolving away almost effortlessly, allowing our relationship to open up and embrace us in a way that I never imagined was possible…

     And that's just the beginning!  

     My life changed in incredible ways, not only in my romantic relationship, but in my relationship with myself, my sex life fact in all my relationships.

     Not only am I more open with my partner, but he is more open with me, we REALLY COMMUNICATE now and it's in a loving and open way. The judgments have fallen away and I see him more clearly for who he really is, and that is so beautiful and makes me feel good too. I have been able to let down my barriers bit by bit and experience the incredible joy & power of being more authentic and vulnerable in a relationship.

     The gifts in this have been more than I could ever have imagined; increased levels of trust, openness, love, fun, spontaneity, feeling more secure, more powerful, more inspired, more excited, more energetic…pretty much MORE of ALL THE GOOD FEELINGS IN LIFE!


     Michael provided the insights, support and 'tools' to allow me to do this in a way that felt safe for me, and in a way that my partner would be able to receive it.


     Our lovemaking has become incredible through this 'work', without either of us having to change a thing on a physical level! Just by my opening up, trusting him with my feelings and truly receiving this man in my life, we have both experienced an incredible 'oneness' while making love, which has remained with us for days afterwards, touching us both deeply and bringing us closer together.


     I have also started to have regular orgasms during intercourse for the first time in my life, and they're FANTASTIC! I'm 35 & it had only ever happened ONCE before…about 14 years ago, so this is a miracle and an undeniable testimony the power of the process Michael offers.


     I can clearly see how taking part in this group directly facilitated me truly opening as a woman. Needless to say, my partner feels great about this too, and has also experienced increased libido and satisfaction in our lovemaking! During the first weekend this happened, it was like we'd just got together for the first time (only better) & we didn't get out of bed 'til the afternoons!


     Not only has it unleashed incredible love, togetherness and passion in our relationship, but also my passion and love for life. I feel more alive, more open, more focused, more aligned with a purpose, more joyful and also more relaxed about everything…I actually feel like I've fallen in love with my life for the first time, and this is only the beginning!


     I just love that I can send this and inspire other people to commit to improving their relationships and lives too. 


- Juliet, United Kingdom

How is all of this possible?

     It really has nothing to do with all the typical advice women receive about relationships.

     To put it very simply, I'm about to show you in a very clear, precise way, how to bring down the walls that keep you at a safe emotional distance from the man you love, and enter into that place of deep love, intimacy and romance that can feel scary at first.  I show you how to enter that place safely with your heart wide open.

     And then, just watch how that affects your man. 

  • As his heart opens more and more from one day to the next,

  • As he FEELS your love as he's never felt it before (but in ways he's dreamed of--even if he's never told you),

  • As he suddenly begins trusting you and opening up to feel his emotions and share them with you,

  • As he sees your courage to love him without reserve (and becomes overwhelmed and deeply moved by the courage of your love)

  • As his instinct now compel him to protect the love you share, and to fight for your honor,

  • As he suddenly is "showing up" as the "real man" that you've been dreaming of,

  • As he naturally walks taller in the world, like the knight who will slay dragons for his lady,

  • As he ravishes you, because he's never felt as he feels with you now,

And this is JUST the beginning. 

As a woman you hold great power to
affect a man in ways you can't even imagine. 

     Few women today seem to know how to affect men in this way.  And most men don't even know what they're missing.  But just wait until you see what happens when you are the one woman in his life who affects him this way.

     And also watch what happens to YOU...

  • As the walls around your heart (keeping you "safe") MELT AWAY,

  • As love flows through you and you feel so full of love that you radiate,

  • As you develop a whole new relationship to your emotions that makes you feel whole (and you no longer need to "control" your emotions),

  • As men notice you in obvious ways that they didn't before (and not because of what you wear, say or do),

  • As you find yourself feeling safe with your newfound emotional power and expression,

  • As you come to no longer judge yourself, or feel the need for validation from anyone (you've got to experience this first-hand),

  • As you know where you stand when it comes to men,

  • As you have new friendships with men who hold you in the highest regard, and who are also taken by the love you radiate,

     If you let me, I'll show you  precisely how to,

  • Cause men to be drawn to you, honest with you and loyal to you (even men you thought were not noble men),

  • Be powerful with your man in a way that inspires him to be the best man he can be (and causes him to cherish you, rather than compete with your power),

  • Reach the hearts of men, who you thought were emotionally closed (there's one emotion that you can make him feel, and when he feels THIS EMOTION, just watch what happens!),

  • Leave a relationship from a place of power and love--without closing your heart or worrying whether you made the right decision or not,

  • Know what to do, even in the most complex circumstances (it's a matter of feeling a sense of  'inner knowing, which quiets the doubts and fears of your mind),

  • And so much more (Why don't we just get started already!  Just scroll down for the Free 30-day Trial)

I will stand with you through thick and thin, as you stand for the deep love you so desire and deserve.  I like how one of our members, Maria, sees me,

"the Guardian Angel of My Love Story..."

"You are very important to me, because you know who I really am and you stand for it. You see, very few people in my life know, that being a woman who loves her man is the most important thing in my life. The thing my life has always been about, the thing my dreams have always been about, even as a little girl. I feel safe with you. Not only that I feel not judged by you, but I feel your constant validation and support. This means so much to me and it feels so wonderful!

"It's only been a few weeks since you became the guardian angel of my love story and things are already developing so dramatically. The man that I love really opened his heart to me in a way I only could dream of."

There's One Forgotten Skill That Women Intuitively Know How To Do That Makes ALL The Difference...

     Please let me show it to you.  It takes courage at first, but you'll see how natural it is for you as a woman, once you get started.  And it makes all the difference.  I'm not going to fill your head with more ideas now.  You'll begin to taste it first hand just moments from now...

     OK, talk is cheap.  It's time to act boldly now and claim the life of passionate love and romance you've always dreamed of.  Will you take my hand, and join me?